Everything Books.

So here's a whole blog for me to let out my inner book nerd. How fabulous! Since I read almost solely in English, it feels a lot more natural to write in English as well, hope no one minds. There's not a lot to look at yet, but currently, there are four categories that will start filling up. They're really rather self-explanatory, but nonetheless, here goes:

Currently reading - updates as to what I'm reading right now, books I've just started etc.
Just read - books I've just finished, usually with some sort of opinion, description or in more ambitious cases, one might even find something resembling a review. Risk for rambling.
Books to love - general book recommendations. As I found the list grew much to long when I tried to make a single post with all my favourites, I thought I'd instead give them their own category, and I can share my best books with you as we go along, even if they're not what I'm currently reading or even read recently.
Everything books - basically everything else. This will most likely turn into my little corner of general opinions and quotes, if I'm not mistaken.

How very organized, do you not agree? Let's see how long this lasts...


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