Long time, no see

Books I've read since my last update.

For school:
- Kultursociologiska texter - Pierre Bourdieu
- Markets in fashion - Patrik Aspers
- Makten över dagordningen - Maxwell McCombs
- Medier och samhäller - Klas Bruhn Jensen
+ a bunch of articles

Out of my own free will:
- Starter for ten - David Nicholls (very meh, I don't recommend it)
- Bonjour Tristesse - Francoise Sagan (Twice in 2 days. Was amazing. Instant favourite. Why have I not read this before???)

School has taken up most of my time lately, as you can see...

Going with my family to the cottage in the mountains for some skiing. Bringing along a bunch of books + a bunch of schoolwork. Looking forward to hitting the pause button for a few days, even if I have loads of things to get done while there. Anywho.

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